About Will

Therapy and consultation                                                 2016- present                                                                   Will Scotland

We provide psychotherapy and counseling services for individuals in the north shore area of Massachusetts, and in a variety of locations.

Workshop and individual consulting are also available to private groups and organizations/companies nationwide. This work has mainly focused on mitigating the effects of secondary trauma in the workplace, maintaining work/life balance, and developing toolsets for the improved function of these clients.

Outpatient Therapist/New Horizons Medical          2017-2022

Engaged in psychotherapy and counseling for clients challenged by symptoms of depression/anxiety, issues of co-dependence, grief, addiction, and trauma stemming from a variety of causes and histories.  Work on both daily functional improvement, and long-term self-esteem and valuation goals.

Crisis Clinician/Triage Supervisor-Eliot CHS            2013-2017

Completed assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations for clients struggling with mental health and dual diagnosis acute crises, in settings which often included community, police, emergency room, school, and court environments.  Liaised with outpatient, emergency room, police and school personnel for the purpose of determining the most client-centered, effective, and ethical crisis resolution.  As triage supervisor, supervised 4-7 clinicians per shift in above roles, conducting case consultation, diagnosis and treatment recommendation, case assignment, dispatching, and resolution of professional difficulties in a quickly changing dynamic environment.  Worked with ESP administration and community, police and hospital staff for the purpose of conflict resolution and improvement of ESP service delivery.  Supervision, training, and evaluation of MSW level university students during their year-long intern rotations. 

Intern                                                                                                                 2012-2013 Edith Nourse Rogers VAMC-Suicide Prevention Team-Bedford, MA

 Completed daily assessments and safety planning with veterans on the locked inpatient unit, working to determine if high-risk flagging for SDV (self-directed violence) is warranted.   Provided weekly psychotherapy for veterans struggling with PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicidality, and other mental health issues in both ongoing outpatient and 90 day dual diagnosis formats.   Managed emerging crises and needs in caseload of high-risk flagged outpatient veterans.   Completion of full assessments for veterans presenting to the VA walk-in clinic.  IRB approved VA exploratory project. 

Intern                                                                                                                         2012           Mass. Mental DBT Partial for Suicide-Boston, MA

 Led and co-led up to four daily groups for clients living and struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.  Modalities centered on DBT curriculum including consultation group, as well as SMART recovery, Anger Management, and Meta-Cognitive Therapy.  Provided weekly individual psychotherapy to clients in support of DBT curriculum.  Responsible for restructuring of agency anger management curriculum including production of attendant interim practice manual.                              

Intern                                                                                                                 2011-2012 Edinburg Center Developmental Disabilities Clinical Team-Lexington, MA

Undertook multiple clinical and case management roles as a member of the clinical team.   Developed skill building treatment plans including socialization and behavioral training for clients with Developmental Disability and Mental Health diagnoses, as well as worked with clients as a Therapeutic Mentor under CBHI.  This includes those presenting alternately and simultaneously with PTSD, Bi-Polar, BPD, and others.

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